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Thermal Storage Technologies │ Cooperation Agreement with Kyoto Group AS
Edition 34 │ July 2023

Steinmüller Engineering Reaches important milestone in thermal storage technologies

Cooperation Agreement with Kyoto Group AS

A cooperation agreement was signed between Steinmüller Engineering GmbH and Kyoto Group AS, which includes the engineering of a molten salt steam generator system with a capacity of 5 - 20 MWth as well as the option to supply several identical steam generators.The Norwegian Kyoto Group plans to supply standardized heat storage units for process steam generation on molten salt basis to smaller consumers. Kyoto Group has entrusted Steinmüller Engineering with the basic & detail engineering for the steam generator as well as a basic engineering for the water/ steam system.

The Steinmüller Engineering steam generator will be part of a salt storage system (so-called “heatcube”) developed by Kyoto that will be used as a standardized solution in various industries to temporarily store excess energy and convert it into process steam when needed. By being awarded for this new and forward-looking technology, Steinmüller Engineering can contribute its know-how in apparatus engineering for a completely new application and thus provide solutions for the challenges of the energy transition.

Kyoto Group is a Norwegian company founded in 2016 to capture and manage the abundant energy from the sun and wind and apply it to reduce the CO2 footprint for industrial process heat.

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