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Retrofit Revamping │ SNCR OPEX Reduction
Edition 24 │ February 2020

SAVE SNCR operating costs Now

Steinmüller Engineering offers test installations

The revision of Best Available Techniques ("BAT") Reference Documents ("BREF") for large combustion plants and industrial plants represents not only a technical but also a commercial challenge to operators. In this context, systems that provide mid-term benefits in operational costs may even provide a positive return on invest – despite the initial expenditure required to meet more stringent Emission Limit Values ("ELV"s) required by legislation.

Recently, Steinmüller Engineering has developed optimized lances for the Selective Non‑Catalytic Reduction ("SNCR") of Nitrogen Oxides ("NOx"). These lances can be deployed in industrial plants and large combustion plants alike.

Industrial Plants: The performance of our SNCR lances has been proven in cement plants providing not only for the adherence to lower ELVs for NOx, but also for a reduction in ammonia consumption of more than 30% – without compromising the ELV for ammonia slip. A 30% reduction of ammonia consumption translates into hundreds of thousand Euros savings in operational costs.

Do not hesitate to challenge us to prove similar performances in your plant – we are in the position to install these lances for trial operation on short notice.

Utilities: Trial installation of our SNCR lances enables operators to test the potential of SNCR to meet more stringent ELVs in lignite-fired units – well ahead of the actual invest. Additionally, Steinmüller Engineering also offers a proprietary SNCR system that can be integrated into your Overfire Air ("OFA") system.

We would be very pleased to engineer the most cost-effective solution to your power plant. Flue Gas Cleaning

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Adrian Stefan
Adrian Stefan, Department Manager Proposals Flue Gas Cleaning

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