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Plant ImprovementIndustry 4.0 │ Digitalization    
Edition 28 │ June 2020

improve your plant Performance

Digital Tools for more Efficiency, Emission Compliance and Cost Savings

The world talks about digitalization but only few have a clear vision of the possible outcome. Steinmüller Engineering’s view on digitalization has progressed since a dedicated digitalization team has been exploring future products for the benefit of our customers. This newsletter gives an impression on the current status and expectations for the future.

Digital Twin

The digital twin of a plant operates in parallel with the actual plant, uses measurements and provides KPIs (key performance indicators) e.g. for

  • deviation between actual and expected/predicted performance
  • abnormal or hazardous operation
  • degradation, wear and life-time consumption

and can be enhanced to return signals to the plant DCS for optimized operation and control. The principle function of a digital twin is illustrated in the product flyer.

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Especially for the modification of existing plants in a brown field area it is essential to investigate the in-situ status with a high degree of accuracy. The state-of-the art method for achieving this is to perform a 3-dimensional laser scan of the plant area and create a CAD model for further planning.

As already proven in several projects, Steinmüller Engineering is able to provide customer-focussed services with cost-saving benefits, including

  • high accuracy survey of existing plant structures
  • virtual plant inspections
  • improved assembly planning
  • clash detection during early stage of the project
  • update of existing (old) documents to (new) digitalized “As Built” status.
Find out more 3D-Scan Flyer

Wireless Data Collection

Collecting plant data by means of installing temporary measurement instruments is mostly hindered by a huge amount of cabling, cable leads and terminal points. To simplify such data gathering, Steinmüller Engineering has developed a wireless “Test Box”. Based on WirelessHART technology, the field transmitters send data to the test box. The data can then be transmitted to local devices (datalogger, notepad etc.) and at the same time transfer data via IoT (Cloud) through LTE connectivity for worldwide data evaluation.

The technology has been proven in real projects and is now available for your fields of application, for example

  • commissioning support
  • optimization/test measurements
  • customer support in case of retrofit projects
  • data collection for engineering studies.

Find out more Wireless Data Collection Flyer

Steinmüller Engineering Tools

As a primary customer you get an insight into Steinmüller Engineering’s newly developed website for software tools. A digital toolbox gives you the opportunity to test your system with the help of a few parameters and to find a first optimization approach. Please feel free to test the applications and to contact us if you require assistance.

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