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Envirotherm GmbHAsset Deal   
Edition 31 │ September 2021

Steinmüller Engineering becomes total Plant supplier for sewage sludge incineration

The portfolio expansion and acquisition of Envirotherm GmbH assets is in line with the strategic objectives

Envirotherm GmbH, Essen, is an international engineering company and plant constructor with sophisticated in-house technologies. The focus lies in the areas of synthesis gas and fuel gas generation, as well as energy generation from solid, fuels, in particular from sewage and industrial sludge as well as from hazardous waste in solid liquid, paste and gaseous forms. As of 02.12.2020 Steinmüller Engineering GmbH concluded a license agreement for sewage sludge incineration with Envirotherm GmbH and has ever since been working on joint offers for current projects.

In order to secure the planned activities, Steinmüller Engineering has acquired the tangible and intangible assets, including the technologies, as well as the industrial property rights of Envirotherm GmbH as part of an asset deal - effective as of September 01, 2021. In addition, employees of the former Envirotherm GmbH will be taken over as part of a transfer of operations in accordance with § 613a of the German Civil Code (BGB). The location in Essen will be kept as an office for the processing of current and future projects.

As a result, Steinmüller Engineering has full access to the know-how and references of the former Envirotherm GmbH. With this step, we will consistently continue and further develop Envirotherm technology. We are well positioned to serve the increasing demand for sewage sludge incineration plants as a total plant supplier.

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    Lutz Brandau
    Lutz Brandau, Vice President Sales

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