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Flue Gas CleaningMercury │ Monitoring Mass Balancing
Edition 24 │ February 2020

improve your emission monitoring

Steinmüller Engineering offers portable continuous monitoring

Environmentally friendly operation of power plants has become even more challenging after revision of best available techniques (BAT) for large combustion plants. Besides NOx, particulate matter and SO2, power plant operators are now facing more stringent requirements related to the allowable emission limits for mercury (Hg).  

The mercury balance of each and every power plant – e.g. the partitioning of elementary and oxidized Hg – needs to be measured and understood before a cost-benefit analysis of the available mercury removal technologies can be carried out.

Steinmüller Engineering offers you a mobile measuring device for the continuous measurement of values - quick and easy to transport with integrated calibration. Operators will receive taylor-made solutions guided by skilled and experienced experts.

Mercury Monitoring
Graphic: Steinmüller Engineering GmbH

We would be very pleased to support you by a most cost-effective solution to your power plant. For further information please have a look on the following link: Emission Monitoring       

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Adrian Stefan
Adrian Stefan, Department Manager Proposals Flue Gas Cleaning

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